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Synonyms for adaptation

Synonyms for adaptation

the act of making suitable to an end or the condition of being made suitable to an end

adjustment to a changing environment

Synonyms for adaptation

a written work (as a novel) that has been recast in a new form

(physiology) the responsive adjustment of a sense organ (as the eye) to varying conditions (as of light)

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Zhang and Goodson did not include all factors that impact on the social adaptation of economic migrants.
The major limitations of CRT in psychiatric disorders include its failure to illuminate underlying mechanisms for patents' issues, lack of standardization in treatment settings, lack of clarity on what CRT's actual curative effects are, and CRT's curative effects not being closely associated with patent social adaptation. For example, the factors that currently Affect the efficacy of CRT might include individual Characteristics (such as age, genotype and brain development status and so on), treatment Characteristics (such as method, frequency and process etc.) and improving cognitive instruments (such as exercise, nootropic drugs and physical therapy etc.) [17].
Conducting a theoretical study the author provides practical model of the social adaptation of servicemen discharged from military service and the members of their families.
I would at this point mention the Japanese Zen master Kosho Uchiyama (2004, pp 143, 186), who commented on the phenomenon of group stupidity, which is an obstacle to awareness, but itself a form of social adaptation.
Thus, the motivational interventions that do not respect the pupils' emotions and beliefs in regards to a certain determine the behavioral guidelines, the specific conducts, and their social adaptation. This way, one activity can produce short-term effects, while over a longer period of time these interventions can fail.
Social competence is a multifaceted, multidimensional concept consisting of social emotional, cognitive, and behavioral skills as well as motivational and anticipation sets needed for successful social adaptation (Shehzad, 2001).
Perhaps, self-control is an important component of individuals in their social adaptation. This has been supported by the study on EI and self-control on student population.[5] Researcher's explained the findings could be that students with a mid-range grade point average (GPA; 3.0-3.4) were required to develop EI skills to a greater extent than students at the lower and higher ends of the spectrum.
For this reason, Turkey fails to offer better services of justice, healthcare, commerce, banking, property acquisition, leasing, work, residence permits, naturalization, social adaptation, protection of the poor and the needy and other relevant issues.
The centre hosts a number of children and young people of all ages, and provides a safe and supportive living environment that caters to their physiological, social and psychiatric and health needs, while helping them to achieve social adaptation and self-realisation.
The McKinsey study makes a more practical point about how new technology will assist in social adaptation to change.
Also, the Prime Minister visited the Center for Children's Social Adaptation which enrolls 75 children.
SEL is an important component for success in school, social adaptation at home, and the public good of society.
Fuentes added that brain connectivity patterns can serve as biological indicators for predicting the risk of the appearance of behavioural problems and social adaptation difficulties.
Alcohol behavior is the non-adaptive means of overcoming stress; being fixed, such behavior breaks social adaptation and makes normal formation of the personality difficult [2].
Specifically, utilizing a large national dataset--the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 1998-1999 (ECLS-K)--the authors: (1) describe the factor structure of the middle grade school social context as reported by administrators and teachers; (2) examine variation in social context among middle grade schools with different grade span configurations (k-8 schools; 6-8 middle schools; 7-9 junior high schools), controlling for school demographic and structural characteristics; and (3) test the role of middle grade school social context in the associations between school grade span configuration and student social adaptation and experiences (school attachment, perceived peer support, peer academic values).
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