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Aim of this study was to examine the effectiveness of balance on agility performance in professional soccer players.
Therefore, the ability to rotate quickly, dodge and taking steps to the sides implies a good coordination of elite soccer players and a soccer player should be able perform them properly to cross the opponent [1&10].
Swimmer Mason Ruffing and women's soccer player Kristen Garza received the freshman awards.
Several small, preliminary studies now suggest that soccer players are more likely to have problems with memory and planning than are track and field athletes or swimmers.
However, it seems beneficial to use the locus of control contructs within the academic field (IAR-scale) to investigate soccer players on the psychological level, with regard to education.
What it told me was, hey, maybe I'm not a very good soccer player but I might be able to get a lot better, and college was the place to do it.
The end of the test was considered to be when the soccer player twice failed to reach the front line in time (objective evaluation) or he felt unable to complete another shuttle at the dictated speed (subjective evaluation).
Soccer is predominantly an aerobic sport of which the aerobic component is of great importance for the world performance of the elite soccer player (1).
A Thai Facebook page on Friday (March 9) uploaded a hilarious photo of middle-aged male soccer players looking less than pleased at the bright pink Hello Kitty uniforms their corporate sponsor has issued them.
Background: The risk of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is higher in female soccer players than in male soccer players.
Sommer's results show that improved motor timings of both female elite level soccer players and experienced male golfers leads to improved outcome accuracy, with associated changes in motor performance, as well as in the brain's activity patterns related to these performances.
The Question: How frequent do female middle school soccer players suffer a concussion?
Morgan's ensuing pantomime antics, clearly drawn from his close, far too close, observation of the soccer players he emulates were even more shameful than his original action.
In a new study, soccer players who used the head to hit the ball scored lower on memory tests and had more abnormalities of the white matter in the brain compared with players who used this method less often.