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But many diehard soccer fans here hope Beckham's glam appeal will breath new life into the sport -- and even draw other world-famous soccer talent.
Foer adds that there are exceptions to his dichotomy, and that soccer is a "small touchstone" in the culture wars.
Foer seems less interested in documenting something new than in using soccer as an organizing concept, a diagnostic lens for assessing the state of the world's lumpenproletariat in the era of The Economist and the global triumph of Pepsi and MTV.
Several small, preliminary studies now suggest that soccer players are more likely to have problems with memory and planning than are track and field athletes or swimmers.
Fox Soccer Report will be co-produced by Fox Soccer Channel and Global Television's Fox Sports World Canada at Global's network facilities in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
The competitive juices start flowing today, with the first official tryouts for the 2007 season at Lancaster National Soccer Center.
We want positive things here for our teens,'' said Maria Ramos, a mother of five boys who all play soccer.
The UEFA Cup is Europe's largest annual soccer competition, where more than 150 clubs from across the continent compete for a chance to raise one of European football's most historic trophies.
While soccer may still be a curiosity in many corners of the United States, all the world really is a stage for the players from the 32 teams who have qualified for the month-long tournament.
LOS ANGELES -- Fox Soccer Channel today announced its plans to produce and telecast Major League Soccer's first-ever on-site, three-hour live programming block during the 2007 season.
Competing in Sunday's 30th annual Senior High School All-Star game was the final chapter in many prep soccer players' careers.
New Game Engine, Independent Ball Physics, Real-Time Player Analysis and Athletes That Move Fluidly and Realistically Highlight FIFA Soccer 07 on Xbox 360
NEWHALL - As several Saugus High boys' soccer players discussed a goal Matt Valaika from Hart of Newhall scored against them, one perfectly summed up the soaring amazement in Valaika's athletic ability.