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land tenure by agricultural service or payment of rent

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23(3) He shall be legally or equitably seised as of Freehold for his own Use and Benefit of Lands or Tenements held in Free and Common Socage, or seised or possessed for his own Use and Benefit of Lands or Tenements held in Franc-alleu or in Roture, within the Province for which he is appointed, of the Value of Four thousand Dollars, over and above all Rents, Dues, Debts, Charges, Mortgages, and Incumbrances due or payable out of or charged on or affecting the same.
The system of socage was also dissolved, in exchange for an indemnity that peasants were to pay in annual instalments within 15 years.
Because of this, even potentially confusing issues such as dower, tails male, jointure, gavelkind and socage are made accessible.
Huggard (1951), (8) he had a field day, literally, with the history of prairie land grants, as rooted in medieval, nonfeudal, socage tenure, and the Hudson's Bay Company charter of 1670, all of which he related forward to whether or not surface rights to oil and gas came with grants in fee simple.
It serves also to prove the entitlement to free socage.