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a familiar name for a person (often a shortened version of a person's given name)

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Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], August 6 ( ANI ): The Congress on Sunday lambasted the Narendra Modi led- Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, describing sobriquet NaMo as "No Agriculture Mal-governance Only".
This friend also asserts that the sobriquet is widely known, because "la Tribuna" is the appellation by which Amparo is acclaimed in the newspapers.
The Marines gave themselves that sobriquet according to Bob Aquilina of the Marine Corps history Division.
The estate on Stockton ring road, with the sobriquet "sardine estate No 1", is a prize example - little more than terrace housing in disguise.
His creation, The Sans Merci, is a hybrid of Adolf Hitler and John Keats that ultimately faces off against Vincent Prague, a reluctant super-spy whose chosen sobriquet is Codename Prague.
He earned the sobriquet 'Lion of Vienna' following his performance in England's 3-2 win over Austria in 1952 when he scored the winner despite being elbowed in the face, tackled from behind and brought down by the goalkeeper.
It was not for nothing that the guru earned the sobriquet of " Nataraj of Bihar" from the scores of his admirers.
In one of the letters, the sender claimed himself to be a "member of the suicide squad of Anjanenjan (a sobriquet for Alagiri)" and said "Jayalalithaa would not return if she came to Madurai".
Parliament will only earn the sobriquet of being supreme when it delivers the goods.
He earned the sobriquet 'Mr Courageous' from Uruguayan daily El Pais, whose admiration for him knows no bounds as he was given a remarkable 9/10 for his performance in the Last 16 match with South Korea last Saturday which saw the South Americans win 2-1 and reach the quarter-finals for the first time since 1970.
EVER since Robert Thompson began carving signature mice on his furniture, earning himself the sobriquet "The Mouseman of Kilburn", other craftsmen have sought to put their own imprinteur on their work.
Smith steadfastly denies categorization and especially disdains the sobriquet "Godmother of Punk," but is nonetheless considered a key figure of the New York punk scene in the 1970s, perennially eulogized by rockers including R.
Koko Taylor, a sharecropper's daughter whose regal bearing and powerful voice earned her the sobriquet "Queen of the Blues," died June 3 in Chicago after complications from surgery.
According to the World Car jurors, 'Icon is an overused word in the automotive world, but the Fiat 500 dating from 1957 genuinely deserves the sobriquet.
Bob Woolmer, who earned the sobriquet of the Aolaptop coachAo for his methodical and astute planning, and the late Hansie Cronje made a capable and respected duo.