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Synonyms for sobersided

marked by sober sincerity

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completely lacking in humor or lightness of touch

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Mom, who was a beautiful young firecracker of a Christian, probably had more than a little to do with Dad's transformation from hard-drinking harum-scarum wild boy into sobersided preacher.
It's a little ironic that, while his opponents accuse him of gambling with the British economy, it was the sobersided Scot Gordon Brown who sounded a note of caution at the top, kicking plans for a number of mega-casinos into the long grass.
Perhaps piracy on the Coromandel Coast - going to sea, raising a flag of one's own, being the boss and dividing the loot, scuttling the sobersided sons of sea cooks who stood in the way - was the seed of the frontier dream, the circus dream, the immigrant dream of two centuries later.
Dr Hutton skilfully cocks a snook at those who tried to spoil the fun and games -- whether sobersided prelates of the Reformed Churches or earnest folklorists of the twentieth century bent on sterile preservation of what they saw as survivals of a pagan past.
has had a certain succes d'estime as the largest of several motets in which, even before Charpentier, Du Mont emulated the Italian early Baroque penchant for sacred dialogues (without, however, capturing the Italian lyricism of the mid-century: Du Mont's music is only superficially Italianate, being basically more sobersided and solemnly syllabic).