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Synonyms for soberness

the practice of refraining from use of alcoholic liquors

Synonyms for soberness

the state of being sober and not intoxicated by alcohol

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In another aspect, there are significant differences between the patients who maintain soberness following the rules of the substance addiction treatment program and the individuals who continue to abuse drugs in terms of socio-economic status, mental health, the drugs abused, and criminal records (15).
This is another evidence of the soberness while dealing with such matters.
However, such soberness turns Death of the Black-Haired Girl into an ambitious page-turner: a murder mystery within an academic novel within a novel of ideas.
The Birmingham Journal reported that "the Chinese gentlemen were very much amused, and forgot the reputed soberness of their race so far as to laugh most hilariously, and clap their hands like their English friends.
I was fascinated by the soberness and sincerity of the people here.
The Struggle in Grenada," his editorial on Grenada, conveys sadness and a soberness not found in the other editorials and essays collected in this volume.
The design language in Europe is characterized by soberness and quality, which translates into colors in the portfolio which are balanced and detailed yet bold.
Nor is there any attempt to coax or cajole people into soberness by concerts, speeches or hymns.
construction of a nighttime economy), and by an increasing dislike of traditional values (such as soberness and temperance) and traditional (universalist/collective) regulation (Moller, 2008).
The propagation of the mutable female tyrant image was very convenient for the Spanish Empire, and its propaganda often contrasted the portrait of an unforeseeable and unstable Anglican monarch with the soberness and seriousness of the immutable, hence implicitly "safe," Spanish embassy pose.
Dialogue, then, uses logos with freedom, discrimination and soberness and is therefore a tool of reconstruction, conciliation and bridge-building.
We need your experiences as the country with the oldest parliamentary democracy, we need your traditions, your soberness and your courage," he said.
His text and phone exchanges with Spencer propel the plots of both books -- and lend an underlying soberness to the funny elements of Staunton's tale.
In 1929 Benjamin had contemplated what the Surrealists could contribute in the project "to win the energies of intoxication for the revolution," (11) but in 1930, when reviewing a collection of essays edited by Junger entitled Krieg und Krieger, he adopted a different position on soberness and discipline.
against it science must now reassert its seriousness and soberness of mind, insisting that it is concerned solely with beings.