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a sentimental story (or drama) of personal distress

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I'm not interested in a sob story, I mean, I am just so over them SIMON COWELL
Listening to the sob story of nearstarvation of contestant Poonam Yadav, who hailed from extreme poverty, Ismail made his famous statement: "Tere ghar main roti zaroor banegi (you will certainly have bread in your home).
But his family were among the X-Factor fans who tuned in on Saturday, and were stunned by his sob story, which they say is made up.
There's no point in getting the violin out and having a sob story.
He's hard- working, doesn't drink, smoke or do drugs, so there is little to pick on and no obvious sob story.
Savage wants to join a club in the north west so he can be based nearer to his ill parents who live in Wrexham, but Sullivan has described this claim as ``a sob story.
Michael Jackson has filled albums with a similar sob story, and the results haven't been pretty.
It entails a promise that everyone is equal before the law, that a defendant's sob story or a victim's obnoxious personality won't determine the outcome of a case.
The model also shared that she already moved on from all the bullying she received because of her skin, and that her condition cannot be used as a sob story to persuade people that the title is hers.
When asked why she'd hadn't worked for years, Dee - who'd had a very expensive-looking cut and blow dry - trotted out the classic bipolar sob story.
In response to the letter about the landlord sob story, after several visits to RERA for a similar case (all of which I won),.
Danny Gokey has all the right qualities - he can sing really well, he looks just like a young Robert Downey Jr and his wife died a month before the auditions, so he has the requisite sob story.
Safer Merthyr Tydfil's executive director, Susan Cousins, said: "One of the most frightening crimes against older people is by bogus callers who use a sob story or a false identity to gain entry.
After spinning his sob story in court, he was fined pounds 600 for assault.