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a sentimental story (or drama) of personal distress

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Carly swaps sob stories with |Leyla after sleeping in her van
Carly swaps sob stories with Carly swaps sob stories with |Leyla after sleeping in her van
These sob stories also tell of a defendant's financial situation, which is nearly always bleak, and the financial value of ay items stolen, which is usually small.
The makers of Indian Idol 6 meanwhile are on a mission to unleash talented singers from far-fetched villages and small towns, and expect sob stories about how the talented lot is trying to make it big despite poverty and lack of resources.
As a human being you get moved after listening to such sob stories, so it is difficult not to help," says Syed Abdullah, who is a resident of Dubai for the past 30 years.
Only here can those conducting a "revolution" take over a roundabout, have fish, sheesha and mataa for a month there and then go running to the media with their falsified sob stories.
Despite show supremo Simon Cowell insisting that the show is a talent contest "first and foremost", the Irish Sunday Mirror has discovered there are far more adverts, interviews and sob stories than on-stage performances.
The Family Freeloader: A Biblical Answer for Sob Stories, Con Games, And Never Having to Get Off The Couch" is a Christian's guide to doing what your rational brain tells you even when you believe your faith tells you otherwise.
ROY Keane talks about why all the Sunderland sob stories have to end.
Those incidents involved a conman calling at homes with sob stories about his car breaking down and asking for jump leads or money for taxis.
Sullivan added: ``We've heard the sob stories about Robbie's family but this is not the issue.
Sullivan added, 'We've heard all the sob stories about Robbie moving nearer to home for the sake of his family but basically this is not the real issue.
There is no need for sob stories about inadequate money for hospitals, schools, pensions etc these form just one more piece of blatant deception by Blair and Brown.
DARREN FLETCHER is sure Scotland can roar all the way to Russia - if they cut out the sob stories.