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a journalist who specializes in sentimental stories

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Sob Sisters was directed by Butt himself and ran to just seven half-hour episodes from May to July, 1989.
Those familiar images still focus our thinking today, whether they be the energetic, opportunistic reporter who would do anything for a scoop; the cynical big-city newspaper editor committed to getting the story first, even if it means strangling his reporters to do it; the tough, sarcastic sob sister trying desperately to outdo her male competition; or the morally bankrupt, ruthless publisher who uses the power of the press for his or her own ends.
From Children's Hospital to Vanessa, Esther and the rest of the sob sisters, TV intrudes on grief and into private lives far, far more than papers ever do, or dare.
Cobb and other journalists were seated in a section called the "royal pew," while the sob sisters were given special seats at a table in front of the courtroom.
After all, if you had asked the yellow-ribbon sob sisters ten years ago whether they would expect a United States expedition to the Persian Gulf to risk everything in order to restore Iran to its position as master of the region, they might well have answered no.
When Charles and Diana were still the darlings of Fleet Street's sob sisters as the Queen celebrated her Forty Glorious Years on the throne, there were calls - deja vu anybody?
BUT also on account of them not being the usual singing doormats, that pack of pathetic sob sisters from the living Dolly Parton to the recently- dead Ruby Murray.