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a journalist who specializes in sentimental stories

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The sob sisters. Capra and his writers understood what silent film scenario writers discovered at the turn of the century: Female reporters were perfect for the movies.
"Poor wages and mediocre talent will not do," he proclaimed as a young man; he invested heavily in stars like Thomas Nast, Stephen Crane, Mark Twain and the great "sob sister" investigator Annie Laurie.
The upcoming 90th anniversary of the Thaw murder trial is significant because it commemorates the birth of an era of "sob sister journalism."
Tonight's guests are sob sister Vanessa Feltz, weatherman Fred Talbot, Sleeper singer Louise Wener and Mark Williams from The Fast Show.
One deranged Fleet Street sob sister even gibbered that "George is the most deserved winner of anything ever."
The sob sisters (male and female) of the day treated the departure of this 90-year-old as though they were describing the demise of a demigod.
Young, Gifted and Broke was commissioned along with two other new comedies - Sob Sisters (starring Derby-born Gwen Taylor) and The 19th Hole with Eric Sykes.
But the journalistic sob sisters have been out this week to scold.
In the third chapter, "The Original Sob Sisters: Writers on Trial, " Lutes uses the highly sensational 1907 murder trial of Harry Kendall Thaw to show the striking contrasts between the portrayal of the "sob sisters," as the handful of women journalists covering the trial came to be known, and the much larger contingent of male reporters.