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the froth produced by soaps or detergents

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New manager Moyes takes charge of his first game at the Taxpayers stadium with the Hammers in the drop zone and the soapsuds of their Bubbles anthem turning to rebellion against the board among militant fans.
Soapsuds washed into Lake Erie through ineffective wastewater treatment plants, coating shorelines in foam 300 feet thick.
Another is giving herself a beard of soapsuds at the washbin, while a third is taking selfies and listening to loud music.
be like the irregular figures of bubbles in the froth of beer or in soapsuds.
It can be done while doing even the most mundane chore such as washing the dishes by feeling the cold water and soapsuds streaming on your hands; at lunch by savoring your meal and feeling the texture of food in your mouth; or by simply focusing on breathing while stuck in traffic.
Her hand, coated with soapsuds, moves to the small mound of her stomach.
In washing tumblers in hot soapsuds and placing them mouth downward on a plate, I noticed that bubbles appeared on the outside of the mouth of the tumblers and then went inside.
He became a film actor in 1912 and made his directorial debut two years later with the comedy, Fraulein Seifenschaum (Miss Soapsuds, 1914).
Before measurement the RTC was tested for leakage by pumping the nitrogen gas into the RTC and monitored the leakage of gas from RTC by putting soapsuds on all rims of the RTC lids.
Bisacodyl suppositories and sodium phosphate, tap water, and soapsuds enemas can damage the colonic mucosa (Baudet, Castro, & Redondo, 2010; Schmelzer, 2008).
SOAPSUDS EastEnders Right from the start, there's been a third person in Jack and Sharon's relationship - Phil.
If wishes were soapsuds, we'd blow shining bubbles.
When a novel gives you soapsuds and washboard abs to work with, what other choice does a director have but to provide the most aesthetically pleasing actors, scenery and sets to disguise the thinness of the underlying material.
She said that, "After suffering a second degree burn from an airbag injury, I gently cleansed the wound with soapsuds containing a blend of antibacterial essential oils (clove, cinnamon, rosemary and Eucalyptus radiata) and applied lavender oil as needed.
Send him up,' I said, then dropped the receiver, crossed to the room door to unlock it, and tiptoed into the bathroom, dripping soapsuds.