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a soft heavy compact variety of talc having a soapy feel

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For years, many architects and kitchen designers steered their clients away from natural-stone countertops such as marble, limestone and soapstone because of their porous, fragile nature, but people have eased up in their attitudes about having a perfect kitchen.
Fortunately, she only needed a few tools to start the business since soapstone is readily available in Kisii.
14 miles of 4 strand smooth/ barb wire fence to establish a pasture line at Soapstone Prairie Natural Area (see map 2 of Attachment 2).
The following properties of the soapstone make this material interesting to study
Interestingly, the first piece Arcand ever carved was an eagle head in soapstone.
This extensive network of members allows the organization to offer the highest quality granite, marble, soapstone and wood surfaces imported from the best sources around the globe.
A nine-year-old Cree boy is visited by a master soapstone carver who gives him four pieces of soapstone.
Fleur de Lys today is probably best known as the site of a soapstone quarry, exploited by Dorset Paleoeskimos, between AD 400 and 800.
Fiction / First Nations / Soapstone Carving / Seasons / Nature
A durable body of steel, cast iron and soapstone gives it a sleek look while also allowing it to retain its thermal mass--and the steel helps keep the cost down, with the base model starting at $1,795.
Pros: Soapstone isn't as common as granite, and it's superb at resisting heat damage.
Encompassing only about three acres, the LAS is part of the 22,000-acre Soapstone Prairie Natural Area.
Soapstone cubes which chill your whisky to the right temperature without compromising the taste (as ice does).
These natural non-porous soapstone cubes are gentler than ice, and sit pretty in your glass while cooling your drink.
Included in this series are 10 new rabbit sculptures in various forms of soapstone, wonderstone, chlorite and alabaster, as well as 20 new paintings depicting the scenery and friends of Boo.