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Synonyms for soap

money offered as a bribe

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rub soap all over, usually with the purpose of cleaning


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References in classic literature ?
Rebecca, do you think we'd better do as the circular says, and let Elijah or Elisha try the soap before we begin selling?"
"I can't imagine a babe doing a family wash with ANY soap," answered Rebecca; "but it must be true or they would never dare to print it, so don't let's bother.
Perkins if they could call at just a few houses coming and going, and sell a little soap for the Simpsons, she at first replied decidedly in the negative.
Watson's store, and arranged for several large boxes of soap to be charged to Clara Belle Simpson's account.
"Well," said Anthony, reaching for his chequebook, "it was a good bilin' of soap. Let's see--you had $5,000 in cash."
On her first visit to Mercedes Higgins, Saxon received the recipe for home-made soap and her head was filled with a minutiae of instruction in the art of fine washing.
Summary: A new market study, titled "Discover Global Bath Soaps Market Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges" has been featured on WiseGuyReports.
Synopsis: A good soap is essential to good health hygiene and for a great many people the making of which is also a creative exercise and personal pleasure.
"Our natural soaps are steeped in the traditional Middle Eastern oriental soap-making such as those made in Palestine, Syria and Jordan," said Lowmass, founder and CEO of The Camel Milk Soap Factory.
Our bar soaps are a sustainable, affordable and eco-friendly option, as the entire bar, including its post-consumer recycled paper packaging, is biodegradable.
and Lush are to demand Harding Royale Bouquet limited edition luxury soap set, PS4 for three, Sainsbury's (
Bar soaps have less impact on the planet by reducing the number of plastic bottles.
Its stitch ball soaps have proven very popular among children: Translucent soap balls that contain a mini caricature toy that can only be obtained once the soap ball has been fully dissolved.
A system and schedule are in place for an efficient recycling of used soaps. The program will start with 5,000 used bars of soaps collected over the past months.
The notion that soaps have dangerous chemicals in them is not well known by people.