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the quality of being soap or being covered with soap

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She] saw the way the skin glowed, the gold of them, the soapiness of them, their warmth and blandness, one with a dipper, one kneeling in the tub, but felt their spirit too, a contained fierceness, feminine.
You have to understand the action of the enzyme, and exactly at what point the enzyme is going to attack the protein or sugar or fat," says Desai, adding that overdoing some reactions can impart soapiness, bitterness or other undesirable qualities to the end product.
An inspired wedding of sharp comedic sensibilities with primetime soapiness, the series that launched a thousand billboards offers enough cat fighting, mystery and muy caliente sex to give it a real chance of ending ABC's desperation to finally establish an hour-long show without "Makeover" in the title.
West Wing" is an original from the outset, blending artful dialogue and sharp performances with Schlamme's sure directorial hand to construct an hour of sublime soapiness.