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Synonyms for soapy

resembling or having the qualities of soap


unpleasantly and excessively suave or ingratiating in manner or speech

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It's nowhere near as smart and witty as Sex and the City and is far soapier, but the critics have lapped it up.
The mail van nonsense followed the parachuting in to the writing team of a racy young scribbler from the Coronation Street fold and heralded a brash, soapier tinge to the daily doings in Borsetshire.
Meanwhile just to add to the show's ever soapier image, two actors who were recent residents of EastEnders' Albert Square have arrived to join Brookside's Barry Grant on the team in a show which has really improved with age.
Cole's sister Kathleen (Emily Van Camp) launches some of pic's soapier aspects with an unplanned pregnancy, while his mother (essayed with her usual majesty by Melissa Leo) tries to maintain the family image as an upright Catholic clan.