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fishes with slimy mucus-covered skin

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Rypticus bistrispinus (Mitchill 1818), Freckled Soapfish.
While trying to catch an elusive Sixline Soapfish (Grammistes sexlineatus) in an aquarium for several minutes, the first author noted that the water took on an opalescent hue, and the bubbles from the aerator accumulated on the surface.
The soapfish mucus was tasted by the first author and found to be extremely bitter.
Hashimoto & Kamiya (1969) investigated the toxic substance in the skin of the Spotted Soapfish (Pogonoperca punctata).
The second author photographed a soapfish at the Wilhelma Zoo-Aquarium in Stuttgart (Fig.
A toxin secreted by the soapfish Rypticus saponaceus.
Unidentified grouper Grammistidae, Soapfishes 44 Rypticus saponaceus Greater soapfish Priacanthidae, Bigeyes 45 Priacanthus arenatus Bigeye 46 N.