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Synonyms for soapbox

a crate for packing soap

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a platform raised above the surrounding level to give prominence to the person on it

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Sold in Target, Walmart, Meijer's and other major grocery stores, the new look of Soapbox aims to elevate the hand-selected ingredients while bringing a luxe look to their affordable price point (all under $10).
Dual-Stream Recording: Soapbox records the webcam and screen on separate streams, enabling easy switches between the two in editing to maximize flow and focus.
SoapBox, founded in 2010, recently updated the branding of its everyday line with a new look that features cleaner lines, a balance of color and white space, and clear mission messaging.
Explaining SoapBox Elements' new look, Simnick states: "We recognized that, while we loved our bright colored packaging, it wasn't conveying the natural ingredients and mission.
Aiden Moore, Craig Macdonald, Jack Spowart and Kyle Scott will be the only Scottish team taking part in this year's Red Bull Soapbox Derby Race.
As two female Swansea University scientists whose "day jobs" are the university's pro vice-chancellor and associate professor in the Institute of Life Sciences, we support Soapbox Science and initiatives like it as there is a very real need to raise the profile of women in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (Stemm) and challenge the myth that it's men that become mathematicians or engineers.
Coversant is a developer of a SoapBox platform classified as an "Internet of Things Service Bus" (IoT-SB) which can securely and efficiently connect devices, sensors, and actuators to users, applications and databases for data analysis and process control.
Jim Murphy has vowed to get back on his soapbox this week despite being pelted with eggs.
The youths asked John Craven, 57, for his views as he stood on his soapbox.
Then-prime minister John Major, clambered onto his soapbox in an attempt to win votes for his latest Tory campaign.
All of the bar soaps, hand soaps and body washes added come from the SoapBox Soaps company.
In third place was 'Pharma/Zynova' who left the crowds roaring riding their capA[degrees] suleA[degrees]inspired soapbox.
Muscat: Forty-two teams from all over the country will be competing in Oman's first-ever Red Bull Soapbox Race today at 2pm in the middle of the Bausher sand dunes.
We have quite a collection of commentators from a variety of electronics backgrounds, and there's plenty of room on the Soapbox for you to agree or disagree with them either by adding to the comments on their blog pages or writing your very own blog entry and sending it to me at chris.