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SoapBerries have natural soap components that limit irritation to the skin, making this a great choice for people who have MCS, eczema, fragrance allergies, or other skin allergies.
From partridgeberries in Newfoundland to soapberries in the Yukon, there are many treasured (and often jealously guarded) berry patches across Canada.
Also called "Chinese soapberries," which is actually more accurate, soapnuts are the fruit of shrubs in the Lychee family, which grow in warm temperate and tropical regions, mostly in India and Nepal.
1 tried wintergreen berries and discovered soapberries that explorers, including Mackenzie in all likelihood, used for their ablutions.
Potlatching is a critical one; potlatch gifts accumulated by family members of the host to distribute to the invited guests include many nutritious food items--jars of smoked salmon, wild berry jams, jarred soapberries, dried seaweed, and oulachen grease--as well as basketry and other works of art.