soap powder

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soap in powdered form mixed with alkaline builders

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The 67-year-old pensioner masterminded a massive drugs pipeline between Holland, Germany and Merseyside, with drugs hidden among pallets of soap powder.
Bovines revealed: Julia Bradbury shows just how many ever yday objects can include animal products - from tennis rackets to soap powder.
Anne, of Faifley, Clydebank, said: "There was glass, soap powder and water everywhere.
Items to be packed during the competition will be bagged salads, chips, soap and soap powder, salad dressing, cookies, glass jars of spaghetti sauce, canned soup, a wrapped deli sandwich, frozen dinner, bread, oranges, light bulbs, a tissue box and several items from D'Agostino's Smart Price line, which includes products available at value prices with Green Points.
A stroll down any supermarket aisle reveals countless product promotions which display the phrase on items from crisps and chocolate to soap powder, soft drinks and beer.
Chavez provides citizens with a copy of their constitutional rights on the back of soap powder packets (sold in supermarkets subsidised by oil revenue).
All went well until the Saturday night when somebody put a packet of soap powder in the tank.
In the 1960s, Daz gave away dolls of different nationalities with their soap powder.
How correct Rodney was when he said capitalist publishers treat books like boxes of soap powder.
Spiritual guidance is now on offer for shoppers as they buy their socks and soap powder.
The man was found to have hidden 134 empty passports in soap powder boxes in his hand luggage.
These recession-proof equities have largely been household names that produce consumer staples, ranging from food to soap powder.
By the way, the glycerin is the sweetener; the soap powder the cleanser; calcium carbonate the abrasive; gum arabic the sifter, and you might imagine what the peppermint is for.
Babbitt, an ingenious Yankee chemist, inventor, and soapmaker, introduced soap powder at about this time.