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soap that has been cut into flakes to make suds faster

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3 Gravy stains must be scraped immediately, dabbed with the soap flake mixture and left to sit for three mins.
These girls are big fans of soap and water and in their book, The Cleaning Bible (Penguin, pounds 12.99), they advise the following for grease and stains on leather upholstery: "First try wiping with a solution of soap flakes or saddle soap.
SOAP flakes - that's what we used for doing the dishes before the days of washing-up liquid.
2 cups of soap flakes, 1 cup of baking soda or soda crystals, 1 cup of borax and 1 cup of washing soda.
Urban Bath also consists of bath salts, a bath sampler, spa duets, a foaming bath and soap flakes.
"Let's go with that," Suzan said with a nod, "and soap flakes in the pool."
And I don't want oranges or eggs or soap flakes, either.
For pouring slime, mix 25g of Dri-Pak soap flakes with very warm water, mix and leave to cool.
No plastic household brand washing up liquid bottles here, instead you'll find vintage inspired packaging on boxes of soap flakes and beeswax.
A severe allergic reaction occurred in a thirty-three year-old pregnant woman soon after being given an enema consisting of a proprietary brand of soap flakes in about 2 pints of water.
Products include essential oils and products that perfume/deodorize rooms via burning, soap flakes and candles.
Brilliant Easel Paint 2 quarts water 1/2 cup soap powder 1 cup powder Bentonite 1 pound powdered tempera 3 cups liquid starch 8 teaspoons soap flakes
Although the Lever Brothers factory in Port Sunlight branched out into different products such as soap flakes and scouring powder, the soap bar workers considered themselves an elite group.
Soap flakes had been rubbed into Gay Future's neck to give the impression that the horse was sweating.