soap film

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a film left on objects after they have been washed in soap

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If, instead of a cubic frame, another frame were dipped into the liquid soap, such as a tetrahedron, the same stable soap film structure would always come from the soap solution.
Consider a perfectly flat disk of soap film, for example, that extends so far over the horizon that its boundary can't be seen.
The team let a filament of silk extend from the tip of a tube into a flowing soap film suspended between two vertical nylon wires.
The technique used to stir the soap film grabbed my attention.
Using a soap film that mimics the atmosphere of Earth or other planets (SN: 8/22/98, p.
In the iridescent eddies of a soap film, scientists see a parallel to the whirling flows of Earth's thin coating of atmosphere and oceans.
It's related to the shape of a soap film stretched across a bent ring.
Like a soap film stretched on a wire frame, these surfaces span the smallest possible area with equal pressure on each side.
It's very hard to tell whether you're on the soap film or in one of the holes.
Like a glistening soap film stretched across a wire frame, this figure's surface covers the least possible area within the helix defining its edge.
Scientists can create near-perfect froths by using a syringe to blow uniform bubbles into a soap film.
The surface of a glistening soap film tightly stretched across a closed wire loop, of the type kids use to blow soap bubbles, is the smallest possible area that can span the loop.
An elastic soap film enclosing a parcel of air stretches only as far as it must to balance the air pressure inside.
The iridescent shimmer and the smooth perfection of a soap film stretched taut across a wire frame has long evoked a strong fascination.
His work over 3 decades has focused on the geometry and topology of curves, surfaces and other spaces that arise in nature, such as soap films, knots and the shapes of fluid droplets.