soap bubble

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a bubble formed by a thin soap film

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It is common knowledge that the surface of soap bubble is a micro membrane.
The outcome of this politics was the frequent pompous news on the great offensives from Deputy PM Arifi and Defense Minister Besimi that blew up as soap bubble.
I'll be there in the soap bubble but in the meantime I'll be getting on with my life as an actor.
A low viscosity soap bubble generates daughter bubbles, but a bubble made from a more viscous material such as molasses or chocolate syrup will not.
Professionals and amateurs have since imaged the Soap Bubble Nebula, as it has informally come to be known, and it's a good bet that many more small telescopes will target it in the years to come.
The Kyrgyz people were told throughout the year that a great construction project began, but now we see that this idea has burst like a soap bubble.
The most famous was the portrait of a small boy watching a soap bubble by the Pre-Raphaelite John Everett Millais, mass-produced by Barratt under the title Bubbles.
The silicon stretches between two ribbons like a soap bubble as it rises from the furnace and is then cut into wafers by an automated laser.
Other stations include the Soap Bubble Window, the Neon Swirl, the Polarized Window, the Color Storm and the Color Dance.
Passion blows a cynical ring of smoke into the air and watches it float lazily, like a gray soap bubble, out the window.
Consequently, a soap bubble typically breaks at its uppermost surface unless a collision or other disruption shatters the film at some other location first.
In another, a dream home is reflected in a soap bubble.
This two-sided, thin-layered reflection process is the phenomenon behind the iridescent colors of a soap bubble.
The young man leafs through the books, with the smile of a fin-desiecle soap bubble and cold feet.
In its lightest form SEAgel is lighter than air, and a thick piece can rest on a soap bubble.