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Synonyms for soap

money offered as a bribe

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rub soap all over, usually with the purpose of cleaning


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References in classic literature ?
I can't imagine a babe doing a family wash with ANY soap," answered Rebecca; "but it must be true or they would never dare to print it, so don't let's bother.
Perkins if they could call at just a few houses coming and going, and sell a little soap for the Simpsons, she at first replied decidedly in the negative.
Watson's store, and arranged for several large boxes of soap to be charged to Clara Belle Simpson's account.
Well," said Anthony, reaching for his chequebook, "it was a good bilin' of soap.
I don't recall which soap I first tried but I liked it and made a mental note to buy more before going back.
If you've never made a melt and pour soap project, don't worry.
The first soap was made by Babylonians around 2800 B.
Shea butter, one of the butter fats used in Wild Texas Soaps' soap bars, contains Pro-Vitamin A, Vitamin D and E, and fatty acids, and is great for both skin because of it's healing and wrinkle reducing properties.
During an internship in Indonesia with an international non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation known as AIESEC where she taught English at a school, Aqeela began to learn the tricks of the trade from a master soap maker named Desi Pederson who comes from an all-green family.
Al-Zaid said: "I have learned a lot from reading magazines that are specialized in soap making.
To permit precise underwater tracking of the soap, the bars were injected with radioactive isotopes.
ZENA SAYS: I think you're talking about a magnetic soap holder.
The seminar will have a hands-on experience on how to make different kinds of soap-liquid dishwashing soap, liquid hand soap, liquid all-purpose soap, bar detergent soap, powder soap, dishwashing paste soap, herbal soap, glycerin (transparent bath soap), liquid bleach, fabric softener.
To make the soap press, follow Drawing 1 on page 38 and the photos.