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a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

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While SAP is beginning to take the place of fluffed wood pulp in the soaker pad arena, air laid nonwovens are starting to take marketshare away from the traditional use of multilayered tissues within the actual pad structure.
The NERF brand has enjoyed tremendous success at retail in recent years, and we are honored that two of our high performance products - the NERF N-STRIKE STAMPEDE ECS blaster and NERF SUPER SOAKER SHOT BLAST water blaster - have been awarded top honors in two very competitive categories.
The floor of Tsunami Soaker spins in a clockwise direction, while nine boats individually rotate with a total of 54 riders equipped with giant water cannons launch streams of water at other boats and bystanders.
Also new to the Super Soaker line is Max Infusion, an interchangeable, on-the-go water capacity system.
Soaker hoses are the preferred method of watering plants, since the hoses will direct the water just where you want it -- on the plants and not the rest of the lawn, paths, etc.
A year later, Super Soaker was the most popular water gun in American retail history, with presales of $100,000.
patent relating to its NERF SUPER SOAKER water product patent.
Louis is already the place to go for thrilling roller coasters, but the park is also home to great family rides and in 2014, Tsunami Soaker adds a new twist
Already well known for its ability to achieve incredible soakage at maximum distances, the Super Soaker brand by Hasbro, Pawtucket, R.
The program ends with facts on the theme, ranging from Ralph Bunche's Nobel Peace Prize to the inventor of the popular Super Soaker water gun.
Imagine it's easy to care for, too, with soaker hoses taking care of watering a couple of times a week during the growing season, and only an occasional need for feeding.
The world's 17th largest roll goods producer Fort James, Green Bay, WI, has unveiled a new line of absorbent and treated air laid fabrics for meat soaker tray applications.
for patent infringement in connection with its NERF and SUPER SOAKER brands.
99 apiece), and Splash Track, Splash Slugger, and Soccer Soaker ($19.
Kale is very hearty and not prone to pests and disease problems like other members of the cabbage family, but you can avoid attracting pests and mildew by always watering the ground with a soaker rather than over-the-top watering.