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Synonyms for soaked



Synonyms for soaked

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The bark of Kigelia africana (Igi amuyan), fruits of Ricinus communis (Lara), leaves of Newbouldia laevis (Akoko) and leaves of Pseudospondias microcarpa (Ekeja) were soaked with fermented maize water to which table salt had been added.
The two groups of seeds (soaked group or foliar sprayed group) were sown on October 2, 2014 for the first season and on October 5, 2015 for the second season in hills with 3 seeds per hill and 25 cm apart at both sides of 3 drip irrigated ridges with 5 meters length and 70 cm width, the total area of each sub-plot was 10.5 m2.
The test blocks were soaked in 4 sets of 12 blocks, one set soaked in each solution, for a total of 48 blocks.
The SEM images of the sandstone samples soaked in the pH = 3 sulfuric acid solution for 30 days (Figure 11(b)) show that the surface of the mineral crystal becomes rough due to the dissolution.
Soaked beans were cooked in duplicate in boiling water (sample/water ratio 1 : 3 w/v) until the optimal cooking time, which was determined using the tactile method described by Xu and Chang [10, 11].
The wheat kernels were soaked at each temperature for up to 360 minutes and soaked samples were withdrawn from the water at different time intervals (30 min).
Prep time: 20 minutes, plus overnight soaking Ingredients 100g macadamia nuts, 480ml water, 1/2 tsp fine sea salt, 4tbsp sunflower seeds or other soaked seeds, 4tbsp shredded coconut, 120g pomegranate seeds, 360g Greek yogurt, 2tbsp milled flaxseeds, 180g berries or sliced bananas.
In interactive effect, seed rate of 150 kg ha-1 soaked for12 hours provided maximum LAI, while the minimum at the rate of 125 kg/ha without soaking treatment.
Aisha Fareed Beehive sweet buns are honeycomb-patterned buns soaked in sticky honey syrup.
by Times News Service To thicken gravies grind 5-6 soaked cashew nuts and add it to the gravy.
Total of 5 g samples of hair waste of Bali Cattle respectively inserted into NaOH 0.5M as soaked solution.
A prospective study was performed to compare the outcome of our patient who undergone surgery by using blood-soaked gelfoam and gelfoam soaked in antibiotic ear drops.
INGREDIENTS: 4 fresh figs 4 dried figs, soaked overnight, then rinsed 120g raspberries 1/2tsp vanilla essence or seeds from 1/2 a vanilla pod 6 fresh mint leaves 6 leaves of gelatine 500g coconut yoghurt Chopped Brazil nuts, cacao nibs and small mint leaves, to serve METHOD: 1.
Commercial french-fried potatoes were soaked for 10, 20, or 40 min in 100 mL of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) water.
I soaked 1/2 cup of dry soybeans in 1 1/2 cups cups of water overnight.