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SOAK UP THE SUN: Get a body you'll want to show off
He stood bolt upright in the visitors' dug-out to soak up the strains of You'll Never Walk Alone before kick-off.
From there, it will be stuffed in to nylons by volunteers to create booms that are then used to soak up the oil on the shore line.
There, volunteers will use the fibers to make hair booms, which will be sent to the Gulf of Mexico to help soak up some of the crude oil that has been gushing from an underwater well since April 20.
If you really want to escape, try one of the many small farm sites where you can just soak up the atmosphere, get back to nature and enjoy the peace and quiet.
Chances are they'll also soak up the colour and noise that fill the short running time.
Which material do you predict will absorb, or soak up, the most water: sponge, Styrofoam, or wax paper?