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Synonyms for so-and-so

what's-his-name or what's-her-name


Synonyms for so-and-so

a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible

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However - aside from the lucky so-and-sos who get rather handy 'snow days' - it does have one really useful impact.
Why should those lazy so-and-sos get help when most of them are fit to work unlike disabled who do not get help, or very little help?
"Gene says to his team things like 'There are some nasty so-and-sos out there.
Evidently some don't - two notes on the menu warned that "all seated customers will be charged unless prior to (sic) arrangement has been made with the management on arrival." I can only assume that means that some clever so-and-sos hadn't been paying for food they'd been eating.
When I was playing rugby there were no such things as shoulder pads, scrum caps were positively Neanderthal compared with what they have today, there were no substitutes, while tactics amounted to a bit of a pre-match pep talk about getting into the so-and-sos.
It's nice work if you can get it and the greedy so-and-sos (who are pleading poverty would you believe) have just gone and tightened up their percentages on Scottish Premiership and top English games to 12 per cent.
"As soon as they asked me to stay on, I thought, |The so-and-sos. They're all brand-new, but as soon as they get their foot in the door, they won't need me.
You can accuse them of lacking self-awareness and you can keep trying to knock them down - but the so-and-sos will always get straight back up and tell you how great they are and always will be.
He talked of wanting to "get everyone to vote Conservative and kick the so-and-sos out".
Some may even say I've got a chip on my shoulder against those lucky so-and-sos who passed with flying colours.
It's not because our elected representatives are a bunch of lazy so-and-sos. Most are hard-working and committed.
When some hate-filled so-and-sos destroy our buildings, we rebuild.
Well that sounds to me like a bunch of old so-and-sos on the council have put down what they want to, overlooking that we are essentially dealing with a traditional northern working-class heartland, albeit much more cosmopolitan than ever before.
Banks are run by greedy so-and-sos who live up to the rhyming slang of their job titles.
Whoever allowed these greedy so-and-sos to take over and be allowed to become so avaricious should be taught a lesson.