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Synonyms for so-and-so

what's-his-name or what's-her-name


Synonyms for so-and-so

a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible

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I SAW the story about Asbos being put on the beggars in Cardiff and the nerve of one cheeky so-and-so saying people should help him and others (July 31).
The boys' team (well, mostly boys) cut canapes in half (just seven of them for 14 guests) and had to restock from a Wembley bar (on two occasions), because the mean so-and-sos initially ordered only seven bottles of wine - compared with the 21 ordered by the girls' team.
He talked of wanting to "get everyone to vote Conservative and kick the so-and-sos out".
Some may even say I've got a chip on my shoulder against those lucky so-and-sos who passed with flying colours.
It's not because our elected representatives are a bunch of lazy so-and-sos.
When some hate-filled so-and-sos destroy our buildings, we rebuild.
Banks are run by greedy so-and-sos who live up to the rhyming slang of their job titles.
Whoever allowed these greedy so-and-sos to take over and be allowed to become so avaricious should be taught a lesson.
Thousands of people don't even have a first home and these greedy so-and-sos want us taxpayers to keep on subsidising their extravagant lifestyles.
I wonder if I could get hold of one of those hoses to spray over a few of the horrible so-and-sos that make summer so tiresome.
Dubliner Foran said: "I get the usual messages from my mates back home ahead of a game against Rangers, telling me to get stuck into those so-and-sos.
Why does Cardiff have so many moaning old so-and-sos, always getting the wrong end of the stick.
Those miserable ,negative,glass is half-empty so-and-sos, who in my view have been part of the area's problems allalong,must be shouted down at every turn.
But doesn't it seem crazy that a 300-year-old union - one that has survived war, pestilence and the loss of Empire - could be rent asunder largely because a couple of jammy so-and-sos managed to correctly guess the order in which a few ping pong balls were pulled from a bag?