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Synonyms for snugness

a state of warm snug comfort

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The snugness is the price you pay for sporty styling, but its worth it.
ZOO THE ALL YOU Wrapping them tightly in a zoo jumper, which mimics the safety and snugness of a pouch, keepers inserted a microchip in the backs of their necks, which contains their unique identification code.
Such artistic scrutiny can be found in Goltzius's late 16th-century metalpoint sketches, which capture the curled-up snugness of his slumbering pet dog, as well as a then exotic tobacco plant.
7/16 wide elastic braid; shirr-sewn across inside back wrist to provide snugness.
Onto it I installed the new SIG SBX brace, a streamlined version of their original SB-15, and it fit with the proper snugness.
A driver-oriented cockpit and door trim that provides a comforting sense of snugness realize an edgy and high-quality interior space.
com | The Nordic fad shows no sign of stopping, and this delicious men's French Connection bobble beanie brings together style and snugness.
The snugness of a room "warmed" and "persuasively suffusetd}" with music creates a safe atmosphere that the speaker hopes will "rejuvenate" his former self.
Commenting on the overall snugness of the PE market, Burns pointed out that the North American natural gas cost advantage has resulted in a shift from the historical resin supply "push" from Southeast Asian regions to a "pull" from Latin America.
The snugness of the Unity stage means the huge Carousel of the title has to be ingeniously realised (I won't spoil it) and instead of an orchestra we have a pair of pianists upstage who play almost constantly.
It's a paradise for hikers, if you can bring yourself to leave the snugness of the hotel.
Even the American eagle at the entrance to the Custom House (like Hester) has "a shield before her breast" that conceals a "bosom [with] the softness and snugness of an eider-down pillow", although she rejects her children by wounding them with her claws, beak or arrows (6).
The design inspiration of Mashrabiyas by the very artistic Shaheen Abbas is exquisite, this collection in gold will amaze the buyer with its craftsmanship, the subtle snugness of the cuff, the scintillation of the diamond when the earrings waft in the breeze, the sparkle and fire of the rings will leave you bedazzled," said Kiran Datwani of Gehna Jewellers.
The mood is enhanced by the tinted secrecy glass at the rear and the overall snugness of the cabin.