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Synonyms for snuggled

drawn or pressed close to someone or something for or as if for affection or protection


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When the twins come into our bed and we're all snuggled up together, that, for me, is wonderful - my idea of heaven.
Justin Bieber was the picture of innocence all snuggled up with his baby brother, but just hours before he turned himself in at the police station.
The pair were soon lying side by side and as she snuggled up to his neck, asked how he "smelt so nice in the jungle".
To have 11 of them all snuggled up together is very sweet and - although they aren't really the kind of animals you'd expect to see at an aquarium - our visitors also seem to be enjoying our unexpected new guests.
The toddlers at the Coundon Court Early Years Centre in Northbrook Road, Coundon had a pyjama day and snuggled up in their blankets and duvets to hear their favourite stories being read to them.
The young cocks are picked up and snuggled by our whole family, daily.
A secret known to all book lovers Is that books are twice-best read, Deep beneath the cozy covers, Snuggled warm inside the bed.
With the permission of Panama's government, Mendelson and a conservationist from the Atlanta Botanical Gardens collected and evacuated 600 frogs, who traveled to Atlanta in style, snuggled in damp moss inside vented plastic deli containers.
Do you think it would be wrong if I snuggled up to him when I get scared?
San Francisco is probably the only place in the Northern Hemisphere right now where people are huddled around fireplaces, snuggled in cable-knit sweaters, watching summer reruns.
If you walk along the narrow passages between Broadway and West Street in Lower Manhattan, a petrified slice of New York's past emerges: There are the few remaining low-slung Civil War-era buildings snuggled between the Art Deco-influenced skyscrapers erected in the years following the construction of the American Stock Exchange in 1921.
Also at the bash was Tina O'Brien (Sarah Platt) who snuggled up to boyfriend Ryan Thomas (Jason Grimshaw), Lucy Jo Hudson (Katie Nelson) and Sami a Ghadi (Maria Sutherland).
Flip to a full-page photo of three kittens snuggled with a perky mouse on top of the furry pyramid and who could resist reading on to find out how this unusual friendship developed?
Rather than pulling away from her, Bridget snuggled her head closer to Betty's lap and remained there as Betty's sobbing slowly ceased.