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Synonyms for snuggle



Synonyms for snuggle

to lie or press close together, usually with another person or thing

Synonyms for snuggle

a close and affectionate (and often prolonged) embrace

move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position

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As part of the #ShareABear celebration, Sun Products is also offering consumers a free Snuggle Bear doll with the purchase of participating Snuggle products.
Chloe's original Snuggle Puppy has been washed and repaired so many times that it's hanging by a thread.
Made of soft, flexible, durable material, Snuggle Warm blankets conform to patient anatomy for maximum heat retention and comfort, and also resist tears and punctures.
No offense to men, but I don't know any man who wants to just snuggle.
to develop bedding branded as Snuggle Home, and featuring the iconic Snuggle Bear, which appears on Snuggle-branded fabric softeners.
But to do that we need to ensure our homes are nurturing sanctuaries where we can snuggle up and shelter from the elements.
CA, announced today an exclusive partnership with Snuggle Bugz, a Canadian company that offers the best selection of products and accessories for babies.
The Snuggle Bud is perfect for nap time, slumber parties, or a trip to Grandma's house.
IN AN ECONOMY WHERE SEEMINGLY no one is buying anything, you might feel downright cozy after reading this statistic: According to Advertising Age, the makers of the Snuggle blanket have sold more than 4 million units in less than four months.
After his English teacher saw Brokeback High, Flyte was told by administrators to edit out a shirtless snuggle scene between him and another guy before screening it for his English class, which he did.
Due to his work schedule, Simon could not return the pet right away, so for more than a week, Simon allowed it to roam about his big rig, where it would periodically snuggle amongst his T-shirts in the sleeper cab or snooze on the van's floor mats.
The Snuggle Warm[R] Sterile Cardiac Blanket is designed to maintain patient temperature during cardiovascular surgery, reduce post-bypass after-drop, and help the patient arrive to the Recovery Room or ICU normothermic.
Or retire to your room and snuggle into your queen- or king-size bed, dressed with fluffy, overstuffed pillows and a plush down comforter--the perfect haven after an exhilarating, but exhausting, day.
Chirik and his colleagues found that when one methyl group was removed from each ring, the complex was just the right size to snuggle up to both atoms in a nitrogen molecule and give an electron to each atom.