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a small secluded room

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One business, The Snuggery, even sells a 45-minute Double Cuddle, allowing you to hug two people at once for PS70.
When you pay a professional, it's more certain what you're going to get, when you're going to get it and everything is kind of set up before," said Jacqueline Samuel, 32, a professional cuddler who works out of the Snuggery, a commercial space in Rochester, New York, which she said looks like an apartment when you walk in -- bed and all.
The material will be processed at Snuggery and the seaweed will be gathered from the beach.
Similar businesses, such as The Snuggery in Rockester, NY and Cuddle Up to Me in Portland, OR see a steady influx of the cuddle-curious as well as a loyal following of regulars, and have garnered national and international attention.
Police in Rochester, New York, said they've had no complaints about The Snuggery, which offers overnight cuddle sessions.
Well now they can visit The Snuggery - a place that employs 'professional cuddlers' to give you a cuddle or 'spoon' with you to cheer you up.
We have practiced building parts of it at our base in Yorkshire but now it's really exciting to see it taking shape between a Swiss Chalet and the Lichtenstein Snuggery.
Snuffle Nose [point], The Snuggery [Bay], Mt Sodom, Spit Beach, Starvation Stream Taylors Mistake [bay], Terrible Knob, The Great Unknown, Thisbe Stream, Three Duck Lake, Three Legged Woodhen Bay, The Tits [hill] Ugly River, Urchin Trig [peak], Useless Bay, Vampire Peak, Venison Top, Mt Vexation The Wart [hill], Wet Jacket Arm [sound], Whalesback [peak], Widow Hill, Wild Cow Gully, Wild Natives River, Womens Island, Wooden Peg [peak], Worlds End [channel]
I have a much more modern snuggery upstairs, which I hope you will see tomorrow.
One man who goes by the name Tim, said be began going to The Snuggery after a bad breakup and considers the sessions "meditative.
The Snuggery will send someone to come and snuggle up to you.
The dark, cosy front bar with its lovely snuggery - said to have been constructed from old ship's timbers - has changed little since her tenure.
WATKINS takes his seat at the instrument with his back to the snuggery, and begins to work it.
Jacqueline Samuel opened The Snuggery last month, a place where, from upwards of 60 dollars, clients can snuggle with the petite Master's student in a strictly non-sexual context.