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Synonyms for snuffly

liable to sniffle

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The typical symptoms of an allergy are skin complaints such as eczema' bowel problems including persistent diarrhoea' colic and vomiting' snuffly nose' asthma' poor sleep' and hyperactivity.
Tis soon the season to be snuffly and little tigers will be coming home runny-nosed and miserable.
On balance, I'd rather know the truth about a horse than be kept in the dark, but it's an inexact science, as we found out when Willie Mullins revealed after the race that Hedgehunter had been snuffly in the run-up to his Grand National success.
She first suspected something was wrong after Jamie became snuffly.
As was the most curious noise: snuffly breaths like babies with a cold.
Q MY baby is snuffly at night, can I give him nasal drops?
She just sounded a bit snuffly, but that's par for the course this time of year," said Carol yesterday.