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Synonyms for snuffling

liable to sniffle

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It was late morning when I heard snuffling, saw her suddenly and hid in a hurry.
The piloses are a busy species, spending their days snuffling up the millibugs that keep them healthy and strong.
FACTFILE | Hedgehogs come out at night |and can be heard snuffling and grunting as they forage for food.
When he visits Dudley, a 30-stone pig, it's quite a sight to see the big hog - who needs to go on a diet - snuffling around the living room.
Hedgehogs are so named because of the pig-like snuffling noises they make when foraging for food in hedgerows
But en route to and fro, what is that snuffling sound on the path behind him?
It's like sniffling and snuffling and Kleenex out there.
But all this lies ahead for our infant Prince As he, snuffling in his Mother''s arms Is blissful, unaware of future power and glory And we, his beaming subjects, pledge Our dedication, love, support and strength To help his boyish laugh reveal the story We toy soldiers shall replay past victories
As winter approaches the creatures begin looking for places to hibernate and according to the Northumberland Wildlife Trust an unlit bonfire is the snuffling animals' equivalent of a five-star hotel.
26&27 Animal magic Vet Scott Miller explains how to work out a budgie's gender and has advice for a snuffling pug.
Although she seems happy, is active and eats well, her constant snuffling, congested breathing and spewing green goobers breaks my heart--and also has me frustrated.
The hum of the steel air conditioning units are just as natural to this new landscape as the Joshua Trees or bundles of thistle, the coyotes snuffling out hutches and snapping up insects for their meal.
grunting, rooting, snuffling, fucking at the gates.
Miller's account of how two snuffling black sows chased him until he was forced to clamber over a wall to escape their pursuit may induce some laughs, but that's till you hear that a herd of pigs in that very area ate a child in 2006.
Talking of which, how awful to see Cherie Blair snuffling her way back to the campaign trail.