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Synonyms for snuffer

a cone-shaped implement with a handle

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a person who snuffs out candles

a person who uses snuff


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Within the program, Snuffer has been the lead physician for trauma scenarios representing accidents that could happen to an employee while working in the oil and gas industry in rural West Virginia.
Extinguish candles safely by cupping your hand behind the candle flame before blowing it out, or preferably snuff out the flame with a metal candle snuffer.
I think he sees a wife like a candlestick with a snuffer attached - someone to dampen his fun.
I think Mick sees a wife as being a bit like a candlestick with a snuffer attached - it's someone to dampen his fun.
For the first time, we can see an endgame," Selectman Cliff Snuffer said.
Put candles out with a snuffer or a spoon - sparks can fly if you blow them out.
Pleaded guilty to stealing a candle snuffer, personal property and aromatic spices, valued at PS40, on December 19 and commissioning a further offence while subject to a conditional discharge and a community order.
Instead, use a snuffer which will cut out the oxygen supply.
The candle lighter fits in the hand ergonomically, and the snuffer bell swivels on its handle fulcrum to always drop straight down to the lit candle.
Survivors include his mother, Linda Snuffer of Newhall.
Consumers can easily add elegance to any room with the Beacon Power Candle Lighter and Snuffer set.
Sometime in the future, if you run across a grizzled old geezer out bowhunting somewhere, wearing outdated camo, carrying an old dilapidated recurve, digging a three-bladed Snuffer out of a tree, and spouting some politically incorrect language after just missing a critter, stop and give him a hand.
The colour sergeant joined the 79th foot regiment as a 15-year-old on May 2, 1811, after having worked as a snuffer maker and served 29 years and 73 days.
While help of snuffer dogs has been taken after the search operation started in FR Peshawar and Khyber agency.
The Harmony philosophy includes an optional reaching spinnaker which tacks down to the bow and is furled by a snuffer or turtle or sock or whatever you call it, so it can be handled by a cruising crew; one person can set it up, come back to the cockpit and hoist.