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a small ornamental box for carrying snuff in your pocket

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Their dates were as firmly engraved on us as if we too were stags heads or snuffboxes.
There were ceramic bowls and hand-carved snuffboxes.
Piled high with personal and household objects from prerevolutionary days - knives and chisels, watches and clocks, snuffboxes and broaches - the shop offers him the very kind of concrete historical evidence he has been looking for.
11) Balloon motifs were used in clocks, hairdos, hats, fans, snuffboxes, earrings, furniture, wallpaper, clothes, walking sticks, saltcellars, jigsaw puzzles, bedwarmers, barometers, and chamber pots.
He has even conducted a formal survey to back up his belief that it is absurd to 'lump together' the likes of precious metal snuffboxes, Christian reliquaries, and Scythian jewellery as mere 'decorative arts'.
letters from past years, rusted snuffboxes, and a compass for drawing
Instead, the catalogue presents an assortment of affordable goods that one would classify as fancy non-necessities: pongee handkerchiefs, crape shawls, colored window blinds, fireworks, silk boxes, lacquered backgammon boards, ivory chessmen, snuffboxes, feather dusters, colored paper, walking canes, lacquered furniture, baskets, and multiple varieties of fans.
in about every fifth hotel room, and things like jade carvings, silkscreened prints, mahogany dragons, snuffboxes etc.
If we were, we would be like toadstools or snuffboxes, whose fate is to be simply themselves.
Ivory became a common medium in fine art and was used in a multitude of objects such as knife handles, snuffboxes, fans, shuttles, the heads of walking sticks, flasks etc.
Bisset was principally an artist, painting snuffboxes (he claimed to be able to decorate 300 a day), but also a medallist and poet.
In addition to new photographs of the Rose family, Mrs Rose also donated to the Music Library various medals, snuffboxes, and other memorabilia presented to Arnold and Alfred Rose, as well as signed and inscribed photographs of Verdi, Johann Strauss, Puccini, Richard Strauss, and Toscanini.