snuff out

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Synonyms for snuff out

put out, as of fires, flames, or lights

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For example, although Baptists for centuries firmly held forth the light of full religious liberty and separation of church and state for the world to see, today many Baptists would snuff out that light in return for government favoritism.
Crews from Grangetown mounted a day-long vigil around Eston Hills to snuff out small pockets of fire.
And, once again, Frenchman Perez was there to snuff out the chance.
He said, however, he isn't on a "soapbox." But Geiger's product will certainly help some snuff out the desire to chew.
Concerned readers can receive a copy of the Oklahoma bill making it illegal to sell smokeless tobacco to minors and a copy of our "Snuff Out Snuff" poster for posting in school locker rooms and other areas frequented by young boys.