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having a blunt nose

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colobi-like organisms were identified in snub-nosed golden colobus monkeys in northwestern China (6).
Carl Molesworth's CURTISS P-40 SNUB-NOSED KITTYHAWKS AND WARHAWKS (9781780969121, $18.
One or two pages and a brief amount of text is devoted to each of several extraordinary creatures of the Tibetan plateau: the snow leopard, Tibetan wolf, wild yak, Himalayan tahr (a wild goat), golden snub-nosed monkey, black-necked crane, and more.
TWO of them used to come jingling down my street in West London in the 1960s, snub-nosed like friendly painted pigs - Tonibell and Tony Bros of Acton.
Certain breeds can never fly on some airlines, including those considered to have bullying characteristics, like pit bulls, and snub-nosed animals like shih tzus or Persian cats because of potential breathing problems.
Well, snub-nosed breeds are more prone to respiratory problems and therefore there's a heightened risk for them when flying.
The reserve is home to black snub-nosed monkeys, which are very rare.
Previous support has gone to schemes including reducing Amazon wildfires, protecting Ethiopian wild coffee forests and protecting the newly-discovered Burmese snub-nosed monkey.
The critically endangered snub-nosed monkey has a distinctive white beard and sneezes when it rains.
One of the models on display was fitted with a taxi meter, an indication that Bajaj hopes the snub-nosed car with small wheels might replace India's iconic rickshaw as the commercial passenger vehicle of choice.
The snub-nosed pugs and their owners, all dressed in pink, hope to make a difference by educating the public on the importance of early detection to curing breast cancer.
The snub-nosed, red-haired, distinctly exotic and satanic death figure recurs throughout Mann's story, offering a fatal warning that Aschenbach chooses to ignore.
Among mammals, experts identified a snub-nosed monkey in remote forests in Myanmar in 2010.
Sneezing snub-nosed monkey - with a nose so flat that it sneezes whenever it rains, this new monkey species is already in dire straits as the only observed specimen was killed and eaten by hunters.