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a child's overgarment for cold weather

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But I easily projected myself into his experience, into the red snowsuit, into the tenement world so different from my own.
I just finished reading the article "Pheasants in the Snow" from the December 2010/ January/February 2011 issue, which describes a Minnesota hunter in an all-white snowsuit and shows a photo of him wearing it.
And you get home there, and strip the snowsuit off and, you know, unfreeze the ankles.
In a snug black snowsuit and cherry red boots, Ethan started strong, cruising down the bunny slope with his dad, but things got a bit rocky soon after, his mother said.
A few days later, my dad bundled me up in a snowsuit and we went to a nearby woodlot.
Within minutes our boys, aged four and six, had found a toboggan run just yards from the front door - a warm snowsuit, a plastic sled and a gentle slope meant hours of outdoor fun.
Here in Southeastern Minnesota along the shore of the Mississippi River, my memories place me sledding down snow-capped bluffs several times a year and walking home in a snowsuit with snow up to my hips.
Included in "Space Program" are a full-scale lunar module complete with toilet, sleeping nook, reading material, stereo system, and a Jack Daniels-stocked bar; a three-layer spacesuit brilliantly crafted out of Tyvek, long underwear, tubing, a snowsuit, and yellow rubber boot inserts produced by Nike; several scaled-down, functioning dioramas depicting various stages in the sequence of historical events; and a mission control station represented by a metal desk beneath a grid of thirty-odd monitors, each linked to a camera trained on a different point of the installation.
She pulled on her snowsuit, Her mittens and cap, Her boots and her warmest Cold-weather wrap.
SNUG AS A BUG IN A RUG: Hot pink spot baby snowsuit, pounds 36.
1863, or Courbet's The Stonebreakers, 1849-50--Hrabluik uses digital means to portray her protagonist, whose anonymity is ensured by a hooded snowsuit and dark glasses.
For example, you know you're from Canada if you design the Halloween costume to fit over the snowsuit, if minus 40 degrees feels a little chilly and if your paper devotes one page to national news and five pages to hockey news.
We like it because our little guy can stay comfortable without having to wear a bulky snowsuit, which is cumbersome to fit in the carrier.