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a device to help you walk on deep snow

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travel on snowshoes

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Snowshoers can burn around 45% more calories than walking or running at the same speed Is kind to the environment Allows you to reach otherwise inaccessible places in deep snow ROMAN WINTER ADVENTURE The National Trust will be holding a series of snowshoeing events in early 2011 under the banner of a Roman Winter Adventure.
Following a set path that has been broken by another snowshoer is a key component of beginning snowshoeing.
I was considering snowshoeing if I had to; I'm an avid snowshoer," he said.
Rescuers scrambled late Saturday to find a missing snowshoer after a pair of spring avalanches struck separate groups in the mountains east of Seattle, the authorities said.
and a rescue of a tired snowshoer early yesterday afternoon.
Unless you're a skier or a snowshoer, you're probably getting just a little disenchanted with the below-freezing temperatures and the snow.
He was an avid outdoorsman, bicyclist, skier, snowshoer and enjoyed fantasy football.
Anderson, an experienced snowshoer and skier, told authorities he had been trained in wilderness survival and that he and his companions had built a snow cave for shelter.
If you are a dog walker, a snowshoer, cross-country skier, hiker, mountain biker, birder or just a nature lover, we are asking your help to put our trails back into shape.
Cross-country skiers, snow sculptors and snowshoers might have been disappointed, but there was plenty to do inside and out.
If it's cold and snowy enough, this recreation area along the Santiam Wagon Road features easy routes for snowshoers and Nordic skiers.
Utah's national forests and other scenic places also lure snowshoers, cross-country skiers, snowmobilers--even kite skiers.
From late November through early April, cross-country skiers and snowshoers can stride across closed roads to admire canyon cliffs delineated by snow.