snowshoe hare

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large large-footed North American hare

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Best bets: Snowshoe rabbits are found in both the Coast Range and Cascade Mountains.
There are moose, caribou, porcupines, ptarmigan, snowshoe rabbits, marmot, Dall sheep, wolves, grouse, red fox, coyote, wolves, lynx and more--in all 39 species of mammals, 167 species of birds and 754 species of plants, including 37 kinds of willow that are on average 100 to 200 years old, dwarfed by a harsh climate.
For many years, my friends and I have taken cottontails, snowshoe rabbits and numerous grouse.
I forgot to tell you that snowshoe rabbits turn white in the winter," Mama said.
Years ago we enjoyed hunting the big white snowshoe rabbits that were common in the swamps, and the cottontails in the thick underbrush.
This is the evening hunt for snowshoe rabbits that live in the brush and willows on both sides of the airstrip.