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large large-footed North American hare

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Snowshoe hare made up a small percentage of the diet during 24 June-19 August but were a substantial food item during 20 August-6 October, constituting 34% (range: 13-47%) of weekly wolf diet, making it the primary food item during this period.
Serologic test results for a patient with California serogroup virus infection associated with encephalitis and cognitive decline, Canada, 2015 * Virus July 31 Augu st 10 August 21 Jamestown Canyon virus ELISA IgM Negative Equivocal Positive PRNT titer 1:40 1:1 60 1:320 Snowshoe hare virus ELISA IgM Negative Equivocal Positive PRNT titer 1:20 1:320 1:320 * PRNT, plaque reduction neutralization test.
Individual-based food addition solves both of these problems and is therefore an optimal method for investigating the role of food in the snowshoe hare cycle and uncovering the mechanisms behind the fluctuating abundance of the species.
Lynx are generally common in these forest habitats, particularly where fires have maintained mixed vegetative and early-successional communities that provide habitat for their primary prey, the Snowshoe Hare (Lepus americanus).
For Wisconsin's snowshoe hares, climate change now ranks as an even bigger menace than the bulldozing, paving and other destructive things that people have done to northern forests.
Lily, the young snowshoe hare, does not understand the concept of winter.
None-the-less, the day did come when I caught my first snowshoe hare.
In one episode Ben Genaille hunts duck, grouse and snowshoe hare in interior BC, and in another episode mother/daughter team Dolly McRae (Watts) and Annie Watts prepare sockeye salmon in Port Alberni, BC.
For example, a transect could have 19 snowshoe hare trails which crossed it and three snowshoe hare trails which entered and followed it.
According to Mahaffy (2001) the following approximations for the interaction of lynx (the predators) and the snowshoe hare (the prey) in the Canadian forests were determined: [alpha] = 0.
Maybe it was the snowshoe hare they caught and killed a few minutes after my host and guide, Mike Williams, and I stepped into the dog hair popple.
The snowshoe hare, for instance, appears to rely on changes in day length to signal when to transform its coat color from winter white to summer brown.
Several animals are exotic for Winnipeg, like the two white-coat seal pups (right-hand window), surrounded by Snowshoe Hare, Red Fox, Badger, Swift Fox, Ermine, and a squirrel, all overseen by an exotic Walrus skull.
Similarly, an indication of the Snowshoe Hare population in the Northeast is the abundance of high-bush blueberry.
But Alice in Wonderland's white rabbit has nothing on the ubiquitous snowshoe hare, who has a bag of tricks as bottomless as a magician's top hat.