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a vehicle used to push snow from roads

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The next morning after the snow finally let up, Kevin Tindall took it upon himself to commandeer a county snowplow and spent the day picking up deputies from wherever they spent the night and got the squad cars back on the street.
Please assist in our operations by being mindful of our snowplow operators and do not pass a snowplow.
Whether right or wrong, I will forever think snowplows as car bulldozers.
After six hours of continuous work, bulldozers and snowplows belonging to the U.
Driving a 30-ton, loaded snowplow requires full attention and special driving skills.
Snowplows may travel staggered side-by-side to clear multi-lane highways at between 65 and 75 km per hour, well below the posted speed limit.
The city has a lone, undersized snowplow that it's reluctant to use because it clogs up traffic and damages the pavement, Kintigh said.
Information collected on miles driven by individual snowplows and the amount of deicers dispensed can be used to populate a GIS-centric asset management program, create vehicle maintenance schedules, and generate budgets and reports.
So truckers hang out, hoping to get through when snowplows clear the way for a few hours of traffic.
The system features a quick-change cutting edge for highway snowplows and graders, a system he has spent the last three years developing.
Snowplows and other snow removal related equipment often are installed as after-market additions to vehicles such as light thinks and some sport utility vehicles.
High Accuracy-Nationwide Differential Global Positioning Systems (HA-NDGPS), the next step in the evolution of GPS, will support a number of ITS applications that require precise positioning, including collision avoidance and warning systems, as well as "smart" snowplows.
Reindeer use their antlers as small snowplows to move the snow aside in search of food.
39" above the road surface, the design of these in-pavement lights poses neither hazard to bicycles nor an impediment to snowplows.