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a vehicle used to push snow from roads

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The snowplows were not running, firetrucks and ambulances could not get through and nearly every county squad car was in a ditch or buried in a snowdrift.
gov to track the real-time position of DelDOTs snowplows and see live conditions via the more than 100 traffic cameras positioned across the state.
A passenger bus driven by Hikmet Olur bound to northeastern Turkish province of Artvin from E[currency]anlyurfa lost its control on the icy road due to slipper road and crashed with snowplow vehicle driven by Doy-an Nevruz.
Police said a preliminary investigation indicates a 2007 Ford F150 driven by Sebastian Caprino, 67, of San Jose was traveling east on an icy stretch of highway when he lost control of the vehicle, crossed the road's centerline and crashed into a westbound snowplow.
Having never encountered one of these in real life, I honestly thought that snowplows were actual designated cars with giant plows on the front of them rather than an attachment people put on their vehicles when it started to snow.
The only person detained immediately following the crash late Monday was the 60-year-old driver of the snowplow, who investigators said had been drinking.
Give peace of mind--Let the snowplow drivers concentrate on clearing the roadway and worry less about tailgaters.
The company, and out of its corporate social responsibility (CSR), has created an emergency team equipped with snowplow to help the civil bodies deal with the storm, the company said in a press release on Monday.
Officials are asking motorists to give snowplow operators plenty of room to do their jobs.
With a little bit of mechanical aptitude, some metalworking resources and a couple of old bikes, just about anyone can make this human-powered snowplow.
Reconfigure all snowplow routes to evenly distribute work load
When the nun, who remains unnamed in reports from the Agence France Presse, got drunk and drove a tractor towing a snowplow into a parked car in 2004, she sought out a friend who was also a police officer to help her.
Marie) and budding entrepreneur has developed an innovative and patented snowplow system that can handle the bumps and grids of frozen Northern Ontario highways.
When a young boy, Darjosh (Jade Francis Haj), is found dead--killed by a snowplow that has been clearing the roads--Victoria believes there's something mysterious about the incident.