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a vehicle used to push snow from roads

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Network Rail says it has various ways to try to keep the tracks clear, including: specialist snow and ice treatment trains (which come with hot-air blowers, steam jets, brushes, scrapers, heated anti-freeze jets and compressed air), passenger trains fitted with snowploughs, dedicated snowplough trains, anti-icing fluid and heating strips fitted directly to the tracks, and heaters and insulation on the points--to name but a few.
WHITE ON FLIGHTPATH The snowploughs were out at Aberdeen airport
The number of times I've had to brake, when driving the snowplough, because of people walking in the road or crossing the road in dark clothing is daft.
Once the snow has gone, it would be a brave politician to explain why council warehouses were filled with snowploughs when money was unavailable for those schools and hospitals needed the other 50 weeks of the year.
They were finally "freed" on January 3 when snowploughs reached the boozer, which is at 1,732ft.
The conditions were so bad that gritters and snowploughs were unable to battle through the drifts and make it up to the inn.
With its bone-chilling winter temperatures, Montreal is sure to be home to that strange dance of snowploughs - no matter how fast or slow they complete it - for many more years to come.
Snowploughs were put on standby and parents were told to check school closure hotlines.
In New York, where winters are fierce, with typical snowfalls of 75cm, everything functions, 1,400 snowploughs and 353 salt spreaders.
Diggers and snowploughs were out in force in the worst affected areas to keep many main routes open yesterday, but police said some stretches were still extremely treacherous.
The squad will use a fleet of gritters and snowploughs to treat 240 miles of main roads and bus routes when necessary.
SCOTLAND'S roads could descend into chaos this winter because two English firms who won road gritting contracts don't have enough snowploughs.
Making the central courtyard accessible to snowploughs (snowfalls can be 4m deep) precluded the creation of a truly intimate garden.
Contract notice: Delivery spacch bodies and snowploughs including installation.
Watch out for gritters and snowploughs Take extra care when travelling behind winter maintenance vehicles, as salt and grit may be sprayed on your vehicle.