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a vehicle used to push snow from roads

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155 slopes available, 22 are as green, which means areas for beginners to find particularly taken with the run on Solaise, a "slow skiing zone" where to mention hordes of skiers) seems to slip away past the cordon and my snowplough to my content.
A FIVE-year-old British boy has died after he was buried by a snowplough at a popular Spanish ski resort.
He has called on Cardiff council to relax health and safety rules to enable locals to buy a snowplough attachment for a local farmer's tractor.
London, Oct 26 (ANI): Peter Mandelson has dubbed former UK PM Gordon Brown "a cross between a snowplough and a combine harvester"- saying he couldn't even fix his own tie.
The changes follow the recent incident in which an airport snowplough crashed into a commercial jet that was parked on a taxiway.
The dictator also boasts of a new superweapon, synthetic foods designed to solve the country's chronic shortages - and a snowplough that runs on water.
Soon I was sidestepping up a three-foot mound, skiing down and using my newly learned V-shaped snowplough to stop.
GO SLOW Snowplough clears A75 at Carrutherstown, between Dumfries and Annan Snowplough clears A75 at Carrutherstown, between Dumfries and Annan
Snowplough operators around New England struggled to keep up, and Boston police drove several dozen doctors and nurses to work at hospitals.
Much of the snow was whipped into drifts several feet deep and efforts to clear the road with a snowplough left snow banks towering even higher.
I was in fact one of the snowplough drivers who helped to uncover the AA box.
Just chuck ''em out and start a snowplough fund instead.
You must park your car on the even-numbered side of the street, so the snowplough can get through.