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a crystal of snow

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In July, Capital One was the first customer to use VPS was so impressed that their venture investing arm Capital One Growth Ventures has now invested $5 million in Snowflakes Series D funding round.
WhereScape automation for Snowflake makes it possible for organizations to start using Snowflake faster and more easily by simplifying and automating the design, build and population of data warehouse tables.
Figure 3 shows an example of how a student employed additional commands to the script to make the snowflake multi-coloured.
Mathias Gergely and Timothy Garrett of the University of Utah used high-resolution snowflake images taken from seven snowstorms to ascertain the variations in aspect ratio, orientation, and diameter of the flakes.
Make your room or house a winter wonderland by taping snowflakes to windows.
However, this doesn't mean that your snowflakes should all look the same.
uk Families turned out to see the start of the festive season as Jack and his sprites made their way to the Church Street Christmas tree to see it switched on before weaving their way through the city's streets along parts of the Snowflake Trail.
Interestingly, while the article tries to disprove that snowflakes are unique, it presents a very good argument for their uniqueness.
The result: the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse, a new SQL data warehouse built from the ground up for the cloud to deliver the power of data warehousing, the flexibility of big data platforms and the elasticity of the cloud--at 90% less than on-premises data warehouses.
10 large snowflake patterns The templates and applique pattern can be found on the pattern sheet.
Snowflake photography runs in the family, Kljatov says.
For an example, in "Snowflake Wakes," the incredible complexity of the images leave a haunting, tingling sensation that evokes the sensory experiences of winter, while the delicate, descriptive nuances of the verse personifies even a snowflake, and finally a natural description of the formation of snowflakes is told in expository prose appealing to children.
Their collection includes: Silver Concertina Balls, PS15 for set of three; Snowflake Paper Decorations, PS12 for set of three; Large Pillar Candle Holder, PS45; Mini Star Etched Hurricane, PS10; Pinecone Tealight Holder, PS6.
21 October 2014 - US cloud data warehousing company Snowflake Computing said today it had secured USD26m (EUR20.
com)-- An innovative and eye-catching new twist on a widely popular holiday accessory, the Falling Snowflake String Lights, has been developed by Walter Chappey of Hammond, Indiana.