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a permanent wide expanse of snow

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They are inhabited by chamois mountain goats and marmots, with snowfields and hiking trails.
Many people avoided snowfields altogether, fearing that warning signs indicating the presence of unexploded munitions had been hidden beneath the blanket of snow.
Glaciers and year-round snowfields -- accumulations of snow in colder locations, like shadowed mountainsides, that never fully melt -- pick up the slack in summer.
The introduction of Air Calin s flights direct to Melbourne will open up Victoria s tourist attractions to even more international visitors who will fly here directly to experience our events, arts and culture, shopping, food and wine, snowfields and biking all key tourism strengths that Melbourne and regional Victoria have to offer, Ms Asher said.
It also has biomes like deserts, jungles and snowfields.
She will push herself to her limits and be walking up to 11 hours a day on difficult terrain as well as trekking across snowfields to raise funds due to knowing first hand the support children''''s hospices can offer.
That climb, through tundra and snow on a fantastic July day with vistas stretching over rocky peaks and snowfields for a hundred miles in all directions, is something I will never forget.
Throughout history, these ice patches and snowfields have been robust enough to survive the hot summer months, during which time they provide big-game animals relief from heat and insects.
At the time, no one had collected any evidence to suggest that the permanent ice and snowfields in the Sierra's high basins were "living" glaciers.
Five hours and four seasons of weather later, after bagging three more summits crossing numerous snowfields in the process, we trudged wearily back to the car looking forward to a hearty meal back at the hotel.
The park, created under Belgian rule in 1925, encompasses the Rwenzori mountains' snowfields and glacier at over 5,000 meters (16,400 feet), seven volcanoes, a lake filled with hippopotamuses, marshlands and rolling plains roamed by elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards.
Polar bears on snowfields under overcast sky are white animals on a pure white background, impossible to film really.
And having just tested them 8,000 feet up on snowfields in the Austrian Alps in the German company''s superb new X3 compact SUV I can definitely recommend them.
The study was done for the basin of Wangar Gad -- a tributary of the Satluj river -- which has 65 small glaciers and snowfields.
But if you closed your eyes you could imagine you were in the glistening snowfields of Vancouver instead of a damp, dismal February day in Huddersfield.