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a permanent wide expanse of snow

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Ice axes in hands and crampons on boots we made slow progress, traversing across the face of a steep snowfield, taking it in turns to break trail before we eventually reached the ridge where we were welcomed by a fierce blizzard of hailstones.
Climbing up a snowfield to attain the ridge before |the final clamber over boulders to the summit of mighty Ben Cruachan, above, and the approach to the Cruachan range at the side of Loch Awe, below
Namely, that the suitcase full of cash buried in a snowfield by Steve Buscemi at the end of the movie "Fargo'' is actually there.
The body he had known for ninety-one years, through The Second World War, and a childhood in the woods Of Wisconsin, and many years as essentially counselor At large to a remarkable number of long boys and girls, A task he loved more than anyone ever, it seems to me; And even now, this morning, as his funeral plods along Far away, and people tell stories of his cheerful service, And people write checks to add to his scholarship fund, I think of the stories he told that will not be told his way Again, with his old boxer's grin, his battered eager ears; Like the moment he was way up on a mountain in Utah And was alone in a vast snowfield and realized he must At least try to be a priest; I couldn't run away anymore, As he said to me, smiling.
But in 1993, the discovery of a piece of a 2,900-year-old basket beside a snowfield in Olympic National Park proved that theory wrong.
On August 21, 1872, he ascended the snowfield on the northern shoulder of Mount Maclure, joined by Galen Clark (the first appointed "guardian" of Yosemite) and University of California professor Joseph LeConte.
There is a virgin forest in each; a snowfield where even the print of birds' feet is unknown.
With an operating flight altitude of up to 10,000 ft at 100 kHz laser pulse repetition rate (PRR), the model is suitable for glacier and snowfield mapping as well as high-altitude topographic mapping.
Staff at Mount Rainier National Park are warning visitors to watch out for crevasses on the popular Muir snowfield.
I had to use crampons to get across the snowfield and through more snow on the summit.
Ambulance crews received a 999 call to Snowfield Hill on the Leamington Road, Long Itchington, shortly after 11am on Sunday.
That's too bad," she said, still shaking her head in disbelief at how fast that brown bear covered the open snowfield in front of us.
The contracts are being signed to establish the terms under which mining operations at one project can encroach on the other's boundaries, and explore the potential for the joint development of Seabridge's KSM project and Pretium's Snowfield project.
Combining Tyson's text with Clelland's humorous but informative illustrations, their guide provides readers with the knowledge and advanced techniques needed to safely cross glaciers and extract oneself from crevasses--all meant to first be practiced in a safe, controlled environment such as a lawn, a tree, or an unglaciated snowfield.
Each episode takes you on a different climb, whether on a glacier, an impossible face of sheer rock covered in ice, or across a snowfield which has crevices hundreds of feet deep laying in wait like an ominous booby-trap.