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precipitation falling from clouds in the form of ice crystals

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The three counties are expected to get hit with snowfall between 10 and 14 inches with snow falling from 6 p.
Further north, heavy snowfall is expected to begin on Thursday and to continue until Friday.
Snowfalls at Hunza Nagar, Diamar and Skardu of Gilgit Baltistan continued unabated, while the communication system has been badly hit by heavy snowfall at Astor.
Upper areas of Malakand Division were lashed by rains and snowfalls since last night, while Swat road and Alpuri Puran road in Shangla have been closed for traffic.
Upper areas of Malakand Division being lashed by rains and snowfalls since last night, while Swat road and Alpuri Puran road in Shangla have been closed for traffics.
Avalanche danger in the Bulgarian mountains is unusually high due to the excessive snowfall combined with stints of warm days, warned Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Service director Kiril Rusev.
Although snowfall in Bulgaria's high mountains creates hazardous avalanche conditions every year, the situation in 2012 is out of the ordinary, stressed Rusev in an interview for the Focus Information Agency.
Last year, 19 people were killed as a result of heavy snowfalls and avalanches.
Ghor is a mountainous province and witness excessive snowfall every winter.
Municipalities use various metrics to budget for annual snowfall removal costs.
In making this analysis, it also is necessary to establish a baseline for the identified weather risk, including at what point do removal costs begin to increase above budgeted levels (known as the strike value used in the weather risk management transaction), the incremental cost to the municipality of each inch of snow (the tick value), and expected budget overrun of snowfall removal costs during a record snowfall (the maximum payment level).
The latest example was in 1995 when the north shore of Lake Superior received higher than average snowfalls during the winter months, he says.
She says the MNR monitors snowfall amounts over the winter, and then in the spring has weather stations all across the north monitoring conditions.
One of the more difficult forecasting challenges in northwest Missouri (NWMO) is the arrival of heavy snowfalls, which can occur frequently during the cold season and usually in association with synoptic-scale waves.
Kapsner and her colleagues determined the relationship between Arctic snowfalls and temperatures as far back as 18,000 years by analyzing cores from Greenland's ice cap.